The Need
Meeting the Need

Hundreds of millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa live their lives in chronic hunger under the constant threat of famine.

We aim to contribute to changing this by being a catalyst for unleashing the transformative entrepreneurial potential of rural people. The key to this is the creation of a set of opportunities for subsistence farming communities through access to knowledge, finance, technology and markets. This access must be provided on a continent-wide scale.

Small Foundation supports NGOs with proven expertise in creating this set of opportunities to improve their capacity, to advocate to policymakers for a greater emphasis on this type of development and to share their knowledge widely. It also supports social and for-profit enterprises that foster entrepreneurship in Africa, especially those with business-led approaches to spreading access to knowledge, finance, technology and markets.


Africa permanently free from the threat of famine within a generation.


Help provide opportunities to food-insecure rural African families that enable them to gain economic independence through income generation.

Our Vision, Mission and Goals

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